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Alfre Woodard Discusses Her 30 Year Marriage and Career

Actress Alfre Woodard has graced screens for nearly 30 years. Uptown Magazine sat down with the actress and she explained a few of her views about modern slavery and her marriage. Multiple Emmy Award–winning actress  Alfre Woodard isn’t only celebrating her 30th anniversary with husband Roderick Spencer this year, she’s also causing a stir in Steve McQueen’s ( Hunger, Shame ) brilliantly sculpted epic film  12 Years A Slave . The Tulsa, Okla., native first captured hearts in 1983 on the TV series  Hill Street Blues . Now, the mother of two is one of the most prolific actresses in Hollywood, with memorable roles in movies like  Crooklyn, Miss Evers’ Boys and last year’s all-black version of  Steel Magnolias . Woodard also left an indelible impression on pop culture juggernauts  Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy and  True Blood . For Steve McQueen… I would go to Kabul and pull cable… I think he is a masterful filmmaker. Slave narratives are… vital for us to have our feet on balanced ground in the future. I think it’s a chunk of our history that we are in denial about and that we don’t accept. And it is the root, I would say, of our contemporary domestic problems. Read the rest here

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Alfre Woodard Discusses Her 30 Year Marriage and Career

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