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10 Twitter Reactions To TerRio’s New Show

With the popular Vine and Internet star having recently signed a deal to William Morris Endeavor, Twitter wonders aloud if we’ll finally see the boy go to school. As concern for the chubby “Ooh, Kill ‘Em” star grows amidst news of a reality TV show being developed for him, Lil’ (Big) TerRio is focused on bringing his life story to the small screen masses. Ever since becoming a viral celebrity, he’s hung around Hollywood and sports royalty such as Meagan Good, LeBron James, and hip-hop star The Game. The portly talent took to Instagram to announce his new show and deal by posting a photo on his Instagram account saying, “TV show sold and we just signed to William Morris Endeavor!! #LifeIsGreat #LeaveItToTerrio #WME #ThaLights.” No details further were revealed, but that doesn’t mean that Twitter can’t shoot around some ideas. While we wait to see if the boy will ever be shown reading a book or learning his fractions, we spotlighted 10 Twitter Reactions to TerRio’s new show for your perusal. Enjoy! What do you think TerRio’s new TV show will be about? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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10 Twitter Reactions To TerRio’s New Show

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