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Ryan Lochte Rips Michael Phelps For “Dumb Decisions”

Ryan Lochte had some pretty harsh words for his Olympics rival, Michael Phelps, after his DUI Tuesday .  After the story broke Lochte issued the following statement, via Fox Sports : “I’m not concerned . . . he just makes dumb decisions.” Lochte continued, “He has so much money to get a driver. I even have a driver. Just stinks for the sport of swimming.” “But he will become smarter from this. Luckily he did not hurt himself or someone else.” Lochte and Phelps have competed against each other for the past two olympics. I guess it’s safe to say, there’s not much love lost for each other outside the pool. Read More »

Fan Sleeping Right Before Royals Triple in Bottom 12th (Photo)

This game went 12 innings strong so I almost understand why this fan would be tired. However, when your team hasn’t had a postseason win since 1985 and you manage to score a seat behind home plate, there’s never an excuse to fall asleep. However, in the bottom of the 12th inning, right before Eric Hosmer tripled center fielder Sam Fuld’s glove, this fan found himself missing the apex of what some would consider the best sports weekend in Kansas City history. Thankfully for us, he left a good laugh. Check out the dude snoozing behind home plate right before Hosmer tripled — Chris Hassel (@hasselESPN) October 1, 2014 Snoozing Royals dude the moment Hosmer made contact for triple — Chris Hassel (@hasselESPN) October 1, 2014 Read More »

Seen At 11: ‘Eating Smart’ With High-Tech Utensils

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)  – We all know losing weight takes more than just a diet. But now, even your fork and plate are being engineered to help you slim down. At lunchtime with Dan Correa, his talking scale calls the shots. “Place your plate on the scale,” it directs. “Put food on the plate.” The scale tells you how much food to eat over how much time, CBS 2’s Kristine Johnson reports. If you eat too fast, it warns you, saying, “Please eat a little slower.” “I’ve asked it to shut up a few times,” Correa joked. The technology works as part of the theory that eating more slowly leads to weight loss. “It’s about feeling full and by eating slower, you will feel full sooner,” nutritionist Deborah Cardile said. The device, called the mandometer, is not the only high-tech device designed to help you shed the pounds. The Bite Counter does just that—counts each bite during a meal. A computer allows the user to set the count and read the results on your wrist. Psychologist Eric Muth developed the device after his own struggle with weight gain. If you eat more than a pre-programmed number of bites, an alarm goes off. “We showed that if we tracked bites, you could indeed slow a person’s eating — and that did reduce intake,” Muth said. It’s also the theory behind the HAPIfork, which vibrates and flashes a red light if you take bites less than 10 seconds apart. A mobile app helps to keep track. (Credit: CBS 2) CBS 2 had some local diners try it out—and most were surprised at what it revealed. “It makes you stop and think,” one diner said. “I was like, oh, was I eating too fast?” James Hokkanen said. From eating slower to smaller portions and taking fewer bites, studies show these strategies can help you lose weight. But experts say the high-tech route comes with limits. “It definitely can be of some value but it still does not help you decide what food choices to make or when to eat. Those two things are extremely important,” nutritionist Nicollette Pace said. Correa said it worked for him and he’s lost nearly 30 pounds in just three months. “It changes your behavior. It changes your relationship with food. It works,” he said. Whether you use high-tech devices or not, experts say in the end, weight loss comes down to how much you eat and how much you exercise. You Might Also Be Interested In: Seen At 11: ‘Eating Smart’ With High-Tech Read More »

Experts: Keep The Stink Bug Invasion Out Of Your House

WEST ORANGE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Stink bug season in the Tri-State Area has just begun, and there are measures that people are advised to take before the bugs become a real nuisance. As CBS 2’s Tracee Carrasco reported, stink bugs are looking to move into homes as the temperatures drop. And Eric Morse, owner of Regal Pest Management, said you might be inviting the bugs into your house and not even know it. “Stink bugs typically land on the southwestern side of the house where you get afternoon sun, and once they’re sitting on the house, they’re going to look to walk into a crack or crevice,” Morse said. “It’s best to make sure that you have all the trim buttoned up with silicone and caulk to help prevent that.” Once the bugs are inside, it is not always easy to get rid of the smelly bugs, which omit an odor if squashed. “If it’s one or two, you can just pick them up with a tissue and discard of them or release them,” Morse said. “If you do have stink bugs in large numbers, a vacuum is the best tool once they’re inside the house.” Morse suggested light traps to catch the bugs, and warned that pest treatments do not always work. “Don’t expect a huge result,” Morse said. “It will only lower the amount of stink bugs getting into the house. It won’t stop them.” But there are things you can do outside of your home to prevent stink bugs from ever getting inside. Morse advised that you make sure your doors seal tightly, your window screens fit properly, and any cracks are sealed. “Silicone any space around any window or door, including gaps along foundations,” he said. Among other hiding spots for stink bugs are piles of wood. Morse said to make sure wood piles are located at least 50 feet from your home. And when you bring the furniture set in off the patio, Morse advised, “It’s best to turn everything over; wash everything with regular water; make sure there’s no insects that you’re going to bring into the house,” he said. If not removed from the house, the bugs will die indoors in large numbers and produce a horrible smell. The bugs may also attract carpet beetles and other scavengers. Adult female stink bugs lay clusters of 20 to 30 eggs, experts said. You May Also Be Interested In These Stories Seen At 11: ‘Eating Smart’ With High-Tech Read More »

Kobe Trolls The NBA With RINGSSSSS T-Shirt (Photo)

Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and LeBron James have similar but different approaches to their deals with Nike.  Each is signature in nature, yet just as important as the other. Bryant strolled out to Lakers practice on Tuesday like a man unaware of the fact that he missed the majority of last season.  Looking sleek and in shape, Bryant broke a ‘RINGSSSSS’ t-shirt to get the basketball world into a frenzy over his return. Kobe was wearing this shirt at practice. #Ringsssss — Arash Markazi (@ArashMarkazi) September 30, 2014 The use of the S five-times is homage to Bryant’s five NBA titles. Read More »

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