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Tigers Alfredo Simon Chrome Mercedes Benz (Photos)

Professional athletic make a lot of money. Many of them have more money than they have things to spend it on. You see them living lavish lift styles, purchasing huge mansions, jewelry and fast cars. Alfredo Simons of the Detroit Tigers doesn’t have the most rare or expensive car but he has customize it in a way that make it unique. Simon car was spotted in the Tigers parking lot and he is driving an Chrome Mercedes Benz. Simon was asked what he calls this unique whip and he replied with one word, “Chrome.” LOOK: Alfredo Simon has a chrome car (via @Chris_Iott ) — CBS Sports MLB (@CBSSportsMLB) March 5, 2015 I’m sure this car catches a lot of eyes at stoplights. Any car that you are able to see your reflection in through the paint job is a fly whip. HT: BleacherReport Read More »

Haynesworth Gives SUH Free Agent Advice

Albert Haynesworth has some words of advice for Suh pending free agency. Before you leave the Lions makes sure its the right decision and research. He needs to really study who he’s thinking about going to, you need to kind of look at the track record of the coach, if he’s going to stay. Talk to some former players just to get the inside scoop about it, and make sure that they play the exact same defense that Detroit. That was one thing that was totally different when I went to Washington. They said on the phone that we’re going to do the same exact things, but it didn’t come out anything close to that. So you’ve got to look at the track record of the team before he goes and signs. That is some solid advice from Haynesworth. Coaches and G.M. can not always be trusted. If Suh really wants to be HOF and his best have to take a step back and see everything. Are the coaches on the hot seat? Will they last best this season? Will this team build around me? Albert famously left the Titans during free agency and ended up battling with coaches about defensive schemes and positions. H/t: Sporting News Read More »

Bulls Fan Slaps Noah on Butt After Win vs OKC (Video)

The Bulls and OKC had one great game so you can imagine the home town crowd was excited when Bulls came out with the win negating the great performance by Russell Westbrook. One fan thought he actually was on the Bulls team when he slapped Joakim Noah on the butt after an OKC turnover. Noah probably just thought it was one of his actual teammates. The way the fan kind of wobbled out of his seat makes me laugh harder every time I see it. Read More »

Hockey Player Tries Trick Shot Off Goalie’s Back (Video)

This hockey player must have thought about this move one night after waking up from a dream. Actually it’s a common trick attempt and this time it happened during the KHL playoffs in Russia. Linus Omark was behind the net and attempted to carry the puck on his hockey stick to throw it over the net and off the goalies back for a goal. As you can see here the goalie was not having any of that. I don’t know how often this has Read More »

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