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Josh Groban, Lisa Kudrow React To Sony Hack Attack

BEVERLY HILLS ( — Singer Josh Groban and actress Lisa Kudrow were among the celebrities Thursday night reacting to the hack attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment. Sony officials have said they have no plans to release “The Interview” in the wake of a rambling threat that stated that theaters planning to show the film and those attending the screening should “remember the 11th of September 2001.” “As an artist in this industry, I feel awful any kind of creative expression has been shut down in any way, shape or form. It just shouldn’t happen,” Josh Groban told the Insider. “I would not have wanted to be in the position that Sony is in.” Groban and other celebrities, like Kudrow, were on the red carpet at the Beverly Hilton for the People Magazine award show. “It’s much bigger stakes obviously than like a preschool, schoolyard bully, but that’s how it feels,” Kudrow said. Meanwhile, comedian Billy Eichner said he didn’t think “we should buckle.” “No one is going to the movies anyway. Everyone wants to watch it at home, anyway. So why not go to Netflix or find some way to show it on demand,” Eichner said. Industry insiders say the possibility of a North Korean involvement is having a chilling effect on other projects. RELATED STORIES: Billboards Of ‘The Interview’ Torn Down In Read More »

12/18: Cubans cautiously optimistic about change; The propaganda war in Cuba fizzles out

CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley spoke with Cubans in Havana about the impact of America's new stance on their country. One Cuban told Pelley living for decades under the U.S. embargo make it hard to imagine a different future. ;When America put signs up ridiculing communism in Cuba, the island's government fought back to block them from sight. Now, as Scott Pelley reports, the old propaganda battles seems to no longer matter. Read More »

Top 5 2015 Free Agents Lakers Should Go After

With another dreadful season in the making, Los Angeles Lakers fans are looking forward to the draft and free agency. The free-agent class of 2015 is not as great in years past but does have at least 10 great players before the dropoff. If the Lakers decide not to bring back Jeremy Lin, Jordan Hill (team option) and Ed Davis, they will have around $25 million to use in the free-agent market. The position they lack the most has been in the center and point-guard positions. Teams are walking to the basket with no big-man presence. Players like DeAndre Jordan and Rajon Rondo would be great acquisitions to help their defense, which is last in the league. Most of the players listed in the top five below will depend how well the teams do in the playoffs. LaMarcus Aldridge ( Blazers unrestricted free agent ) Read More »

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