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Mayweather: I Was Handing $100 Million Check After The Fight

Boxers get paid their guarantees immediately after the fight. No direct deposits, but an actual check. At the post fight press conference Mayweather says he was handed a $100 million check. That is just the start, once all the PPV, merchandise, sponsorships, gate receipts, black market ticket sales and etc come in, Mayweather will probably clear over $200 million. Money doesn’t mean you are going to be liked or your past will be erased, but the facts are no matter what fans or media think of Mayweather, he is generating more money than any athlete has ever had. The interesting part is he is doing it while boxing in a very clinical style, but all the negative attention is just making him one of the richest athletes of all-time. Read More »

Mark Jackson: You Can’t Judge Mayweather As Boxer If You Bring Up DV Issues (Video)

I get what Mark Jackson was trying to say, he just turned into a mini-sermon — therefore confusing people. Floyd Mayweather’s status as an all-time great boxer somehow made its way into a conversation during the Warriors vs Grizzlies second round matchup. Jackson led the charge, and tried to explain that Mayweather the boxer and Mayweather the man, can’t be judged on the same scale. Pundits sometimes like to place Mayweather lower on the all-time pound-for-pound list because of his past domestic violence issues. Jackson believes that Mayweather the boxer should be judged strictly on his boxing prowess. His judgement as a man should come outside the ring. There are many in boxing and sports circles who agree with Jackson. Others feel they both go hand in hand, similar to how NBA and NFL players are judged as well. Take a listen. h.t Cauldron Read More »

Tony Allen Crashes Kids Dance Routine During Warriors-Grizzlies (Video)

“Tony Allen has no chill” — yet he’s cold as ice. Allen absolutely sent a message as he walked straight through a performance by the Golden State Warriors’ Jr. Jam Squad at Oracle Arena. No smile — no nothing. Allen, who scored nine points and added two rebounds and two assists during the first half — realized his mistake — giving a Jam squad member dap. He was later booed quite intensely by the Warriors’ crowd while shooting free throws. YOU! BOOOOOOOOO! — FanSided GIF (@FanSidedGIF) May 3, 2015 Read More »

Bradley Beal Gets Buckets As Wizards Take Game 1 Over Hawks

The Washington Wizards won a close one over the Atlanta Hawks to take Game 1 of the second round playoff match. The final score was 104 to 98 with the Hawks leading for most of the game until the end. For the Wizards, Bradley Beal was the leader in scoring, shooting 9-22 for 28 points. John Wall went 8-19 for 18 points and 13 assists. The Hawks looked like they were ready to win the game, taking a 63-53 lead into the half. However poor shooting kept the Hawks from winning the game. The Hawks shot only 13-52 in the second half, missing multiple wide-open shots. One possession at the end of the game, the Hawks had 5 chances to make a basket and missed on all 3. DeMarre Carroll led the Hawks in scoring with 24 points but scored 21 of those in the first half. The other Hawks starters shooting percentages were very bad and played a huge role in the loss. Jeff Teague was 4-14 for 11 points, Kyle Korver was 5-15 for 13 points, Paul Millsap was 6-17 for 15 points and Al Horford shot 7-19 for 17 points. Horford gave the Hawks a huge boost with 17 rebounds but the Hawks still did not win the rebounding battle, with the Wizards having a slight 54-52 advantage on the boards. During the game, Wizards Bradley Beal and John Wall both sustained injuries however an update was not available post game. “We missed a lot of open shots. Defensively we played well. Realistically we can’t score 30 points in the second half and win” – Carroll — Sammy Social-Hawks (@Sammy_Socialite) May 3, 2015 “The second half we settled for jumpers. We had some good looks. We will get more open looks if we drive and attack the rim more.” – Bud — Sammy Social-Hawks (@Sammy_Socialite) May 3, 2015 “I thought our bench was big for us” – Wizards head coach — Sammy Social-Hawks (@Sammy_Socialite) May 3, 2015 Read More »

Kanye West Gives Carmelo Anthony’s Son adidas Yeezys (Photos)

Carmelo Anthony is one of the faces of Jordan Brand, while his son — Kiyan — is actually the face of Jordan Brands kids movement. That didn’t stop Kanye West from sliding the little man a pair of his adidas Yeezy Boost. Carmelo Anthony’s wife Lala is one of Kim Kardashian’s best friends — so it’s all love. A photo posted by LaLa (@lala) on May 3, 2015 at 11:49am PDT MJ should be calling any minute now about the IG Post. Read More »

Newport Beach Lifeguards Warn Of Dangerous Conditions After Surfer Injured

NEWPORT BEACH ( — Newport Beach lifeguards are warning of dangerous ocean conditions after a surfer was injured Sunday. A large swell is coming from the south, hitting Orange County beaches with 8-10-foot waves, a lifeguard told CBS2/KCAL9. One surfer was rescued and stabilized by lifeguards when large waves smashed along the East Harbor jetty, officials stated in a tweet. Waves are expected to increase throughout the day. Lifeguards also warn rip currents are expected with large surf. Read More »

5/3 CBS2 Sunday Evening Weather Headlines

By Mark McIntyre, CBS2 Meteorologist/Weather Producer Boy oh boy, what a fantastic weekend of weather it’s been! After abundant sunshine with more 70s earlier this afternoon, we’ll see a beautiful full moon tonight with clear skies and comfy temps dropping into the upper 40s & 50s in the Tri-State…58 is the forecast for NYC. Tomorrow will be even better, with sunshine and temps a few degrees higher. Expect thermometers in many spots to top 80 degrees – mainly interior NJ, lower Hudson Valley, and much of the 5 Boroughs. Coastal folks in CT, LI, and the NJ Shores will be much cooler due to ocean breezes. We’ll top off at 82 in NYC, and considering that we should be in the upper 60s, that’s not too bad at all! Tuesday will feature one last gasp of warmth ahead of a cold front that will bring P.M. thunderstorms. We’ll hit 80 before some late day rain & rumbles move through, and some storms could drop heavy rain and gusty winds. At this point not expecting severe, but be mindful that a few downpours are possible. We’ll clear out Wednesday morning and stay sunny through the end of the week with temps in the mid & upper 70s! Read More »

Woman Airlifted From Gail Canyon Area After Rattlesnake Bite

CLAREMONT ( — A 30-year-old woman was airlifted from the Gail Canyon area Sunday after suffering a rattlesnake bite, according to fire officials. A Los Angeles County Fire Department spokesperson says emergency personnel were called to the area of Thompson Creek Road and East Pomello Drive around 11:30 a.m. A chopper was called in to transport the victim. Further information was not immediately available. Read More »

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