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1/31 CBS2 Saturday Morning Weather Headlines

By Giorgio Panetta, CBS2 Chief Meteorologist/Weather Producer Good morning, Tri-State! You might want to consider staying inside through at least noon today. Winds will be WHIPPING around. There is a wind chill advisory in effect for most living north and to the west of NYC. The NWS issues the advisory only when the gusts can create temps on the skin that feel 20 degrees below zero. Again, dangerous. Clouds fill in tomorrow by midday. A storm out west will continue its path to the northeast. We have been tracking and analyzing this storm for days now. It does look to bring a significant snowfall — not nearly as much as we saw last time, but this storm will affect our viewers to the west more so than Long Island this time. (Credit: CBS2) Although it is moving laterally, there is a rain/snow line that needs to be paid very close attention to. See map for totals. Snow will linger into your Monday. Actually, this is more of a Monday storm than Sunday. Check back in soon for an update! Read More »

Bill Self on Loss of Kansas/Missouri Rivalry “It Hasn’t Been Good”

The last time the Kansas Jayhawks squared off against the Missouri Tigers in college basketball, we witnessed an amazing overtime thriller that went down to the final second as drjayhawk1 helps us remember. That was three years ago. Since then Missouri has bolted for the SEC while Kansas remained in the Big 12, and there hasn’t been one meeting since. 9th ranked Kansas is set to host it’s in-state rival Kansas State tomorrow, and Coach Bill Self took some time to discuss an old rival in the midst of upcoming competition with the only rival left Kansas State. When discussing the loss of the rivalry The Kansas City Star quotes self stating, “To be real candid, it’s not good, It hasn’t been great.” Self went on to explain, “You can make a case for certain things about it that we haven’t taken a step backward — that kind of stuff,” Self said. “But I think everybody likes waking up in the morning disliking somebody. And so from that standpoint, it probably hasn’t been great.”, “But it’s kind of the way it is. It’s the landscape of college athletics. It’s not just us. It’s happened everywhere and all other leagues.” I’ll be the first to admit I miss the rivalry. Sports are always better with rivalries especially ones that have deep rooted history like that of Kansas and Missouri. Hopefully the Big 12/SEC Challenge can give us a taste of that old feeling both fan bases have been longing for. Read More »

Healing Microbes May Offer Some Relief For Children Diagnosed With Autism

WESTLAKE VILLAGE ( — Researches have made a discovery through harnessing stomach bacteria that could help families impacted by autism. Autism is a neurological disorder that can include speech and behavior problems. Wyatt Jackson, 12, of Westlake Village was diagnosed with autism at an early age. Although he has come a long way with managing symptoms of the disorder, Wyatt still struggles with the many challenges of autism. His mother, Nancy Jackson, explained to CBS2’s Lisa Sigell on Friday that she devoted her entire life to learning everything she could about her son’s condition. Wyatt’s problems began when he was 18 months old, Jackson explained. “He had severe bloating at the age of 2,” added Jackson. “There was a seemingly endless cycle of constipation and diarrhea.” Sarkis Mahmazian, a microbiologist at Caltech, shared with Sigell that 40 percent to 90 percent of children diagnosed with autism have some sort of gastrointestinal complication. Mahmazian went on to explain that it makes sense that children with brain differences would also have stomach trouble. “Our intestines are loaded with bacteria,” said Mahmazian. “Microbes can influence decision-making.” Jackson said Wyatt is now able to speak, and his other symptoms aren’t nearly as bad as they were when he was younger. She attributed his progress to a restricted diet, which mostly included a daily probiotic. Mahmazian’s team has identified a microbe that seems to repair intestinal defects. “Our goal is to develop the next generation of probiotics,” added Mahmazian. Sigell reported that researchers hope to begin clinical trials on children diagnosed with autism within the next two years. For more information on Mahmazian’s research , click here . *Produced by Gerri Shaftel Constant, CBS2 Medical Producer Read More »

Glendale Adds Pedestrian Crossing Flags Under Pilot Program

GLENDALE ( — In an effort to keep pedestrians safe, the city of Glendale has added crossing flags to two crosswalks under a pilot program. The bright orange crossing flags have been put in place to make pedestrians like Kathy Wallace more visible to drivers. “A lot of people are injured every year and killed even so I think these would help,” Wallace, a Glendale resident, told KCAL9’s Juan Fernandez. The idea had been in the works for a while and Maro Yacoubian, Glendale’s Transportation and Parking Commissioner, helped bring it to the city. “Originally from Europe. Brought back to the United States. Very successful right now in Kirkland, Washington,” Yacoubian said of the flags. The concept is simple. Pedestrians are to pick up a flag and hold it up high while crossing the street. They will then return it to an identical holder on the other side. Not only do the flags alert drivers but they also make pedestrians more aware of their surroundings. If the pilot program is successful, the city hopes to have many more of the flags at other crosswalks with the next generation being made out of reflective material. So far, two crosswalks in Glendale have the crossing flags. They include: E. Colorado and Jackson streets and Kimlin and E. Chevy Chase drives. Read More »

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