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Report: Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders Nearly Signed With Patriots

It wasn’t until last Sunday versus the San Francisco 49ers that Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders caught his first touchdown catch from Peyton Manning of the season. He’s been one of Manning’s favorite targets, but never caught the TDs. Last night on Thursday Night Football versus the San Diego Chargers that all changed, as Sanders caught three touchdown passes in a 35-21 victory. Sanders is an emerging star after being a bit in the shadows when he was on the Pittsburgh Steelers. Signed for $18 million under three years with the Broncos, it’s been a steal scoop-up for Denver this season. The New England Patriots must be pissed, though. According to CSNNE’s Tom Curran , Sanders almost signed with the Patriots before choosing the Broncos. In fact, if it weren’t for switching agents, you would have seen him catching passes from Tom Brady instead. “If Emmanuel hadn’t switched agents, he may have ended up (in New England without much shopping),” Steve Weinberg, Sanders’ current agent, told Curran. “Emmanuel loved it there. He said, ‘Give me Danny Amendola’s deal and I’m there.’ ” During the 2013 offseason, the Patriots picked up Danny Amendola under five-year deal worth a little over $28 million right after Wes Welker left for Denver. They also brought back Julian Edelman, and signed Sanders to an offer sheet. However, the Steelers would match since he was a restricted free agent. The next year, Sanders was back on the market, along with Pats wideouts Brandon LaFell and Edelman. The rumor was the Denver would sign LaFell while Sanders headed to Boston, but ended up being the other way around. Now the Broncos are rolling with Sanders as one of their primary targets, who’s likely heading for his first Pro Bowl. Meanwhile, where the hell has LaFell been? With that said, I’m sure some Patriots fans are pissed. “New England was competitive throughout the process,” Weinberg said. “Had they been aggressive from the beginning, it would have gotten done, but, in this market, nobody knew what to do with the wide receivers. “New England expressed interest during the (pre-free agency) negotiation period. But the slow market made us want to go slow, too. Normally a team comes in and blows everyone away. Denver’s offer would have done that if they came with that offer right away.” Ironically enough, the Broncos will take on the Pats next week on November 2. (H/T NESN ) Read More »

Anderson Varejao to Be Starting Cavaliers Center Over Thompson

It looks like Anderson Varejao will be in the starting lineup at center for the Cleveland Cavaliers, beating out teammate Tristan Thompson for the role. Cavaliers head coach David Blatt announced the decision to start the 32-year-old versus the New York Knicks on Thursday, according to ESPN . Varejao will join small forward LeBron James, point guard Kyrie Irving, shooting guard Dion Waiters and power forward Kevin Love in the starting 5. The decision was made thanks to Varejao playing with James in the past when they were teammates from 2004-10 before James bolted to the Miami Heat. The 23-year-old Thompson, meanwhile, will come off the bench. “That was more or less the idea of beginning with Andy just because those two guys are so good together,” Blatt said. “And Tristan is equally as efficient in either case. So, that’s more or less the basis, but it doesn’t mean that Tristan won’t be starting some of the games. I’m sure he will be. Just right now, that’s the way we’re looking to go.” James, however, also has a connection with Paul since they both share the same agent in Rich Paul. “They’re both high-energy guys, and they’re both a very, very key proponent and [piece] to our [puzzle],” James said. “One thing about Andy, he’s a veteran, he’s been a part of big games, and he kind of knows what’s going on at all times, and I think it’s his seniority that gets him the nod. “He’s a guy who kind of plays under the rim and uses his touch and uses his quickness, and Tristan gives us the guy above the rim. So it’s great for those guys to complement each other, both with their ability to rebound, with their ability to finish around the rim. They just do it different ways.” We’ll see how Cleveland performs on Thursday versus the Knicks, who will debut their new triangle offense . Read More »

Oregon Royce Freeman Blows Up Cal LB (Video)

Royce Freeman is having himself a year at Oregon and he has made it a habit of putting defenders on his highlight tape. Tonight he was at it again after he absolutely destroyed a Cal linebacker. He literally made the linebacker tap out of the game. Better bring your big boy pads when you try to tackle this guy. Read More »

Bulls PG Derrick Rose Flies High For Dunk vs Timberwolves (Video)

Based off how Derrick Rose has been playing this NBA preseason, we can finally put those jokes and memes to bed about the Chicago Bulls point guard. Rose hasn’t played a full season in over two years, but he’s playing like he hasn’t lost a step. He showed that on Friday night in a preseason matchup versus the Minnesota Timberwolves. Watch Rose fly high for this dunk below: Rose finished with the game with 27 points. It’s going to be exciting watching this Bulls team this season. Read More »

NBA Coach Compares Kobe Bryant To Wizards Michael Jordan

For any Michael Jordan fan growing up, it was tough for them watch him when he was on the Washington Wizards. He was putting up good numbers for his age, but he didn’t look like the MJ we were accustomed to. Washington didn’t even make the playoffs in both years he played for them. One anonymous NBA head coach thinks Kobe Bryant has reached that status in his career now. According to ESPN’s Chris Broussard , who interviewed several anonymous executives and coaches, the coach thinks Kobe’s reign is over and is now basically second coming of the Wizards version of MJ. “I’m in total agreement with those who say Kobe’s done,” he said. “Look, you could put any high-level two-guard on a bad team, let him jack up shots, and get 20 points a night. So Kobe will be able to do that. But they ain’t going to win. We don’t judge Kobe off scoring 20 points a night. We judge him off dominance, off: ‘Will they win 50 games, will they make the playoffs?’ But now, we’re not even talking about any of that…It’s like Michael Jordan in Washington. I, for one, didn’t want to see Michael’s last tour with Washington. Nobody did. When the Lakers play Philly and other low-level teams, Kobe will do whatever he wants. But when he plays good teams and gets doubled? That’s when we’ll see that he’s not the same player.” Kobe is 36 years old and has two years left on his contract. Many expect that he will be done after his contract expires. If these are his last two years in the league, there are going to be a lot of comparisons to MJ. If all goes as planned, Kobe will spend his last two years trying to drag a scrub team who has slim-to-none chances of reaching the playoffs. Frustration will be shown, but respect from fans and players will be gleaming. That’s what happened to MJ in his last two years with Washington. Hopefully for Kobe’s sake, it doesn’t end in that disappointing, disheartening fashion. Read More »

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